Designed for your existing and future energy needs

  • Cut your energy bills
  • Protect against rising energy prices
  • Increase grid independence
  • Reduce your carbon footprint

We combine technology with personal advice from our solar specialists

Our Home Assessment was built from the ground up, to remove the overcomplicated and unnecessary steps to going solar.

Interactive reports provide you with everything you need to make an informed decision on what size solar system and battery are right for you - both now and for the future.

We don't waste your time with unnecessary site visits.

We don't do guesswork. Our specialists model your home with the world's most accurate solar software:

  • Using satellite, LiDAR and solar irradiance data
  • Built a 3D model of your home
  • Detailed all potential sources of shading

We accurately measure the maximum system size you can fit.

Analyse every square meter of your roof to ensure your system is fully optimised:

  • Measure available roof space for solar PV
  • Select roof faces most efficient for solar
  • Calculate maximum panels that can be installed

Every system is designed for your existing and future energy needs.

Taking your electricity requirements we tailor your solar system to your current and future energy needs:

  • Occupancy type: In all day, in half day or out all day
  • Existing annual electricity usage
  • Future electricity increases
  • Other solar benefits such as a Power Diverter to heat your water

AI recommendations for complete piece of mind.

We crunch over 100,000 data points and calculate more combinations than is humanly possible to recommend the optimal number of solar panels and battery size.

  • Rank every roof face suitable for solar by its solar performance including shading losses
  • Determine the cost including hardware, installation, scaffolding and electrical components
  • Using MCS accredited data we calculate your estimated consumption
  • Forecast your financial and environmental savings

Ensuring that your investment is the right system for you.

This enables our customers to make informed purchasing decisions with all the information necessary based on their requirements and budget:

  • Bill saving and offset
  • Year 1 and lifetime benefit
  • Grid independence
  • Environmental contribution

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