Reduce your carbon emissions significantly.

Green-first energy.

Our mission is to create positive change for our customers and the planet, contributing to a sustainable future with 100% renewable solar energy.

The sun produces light via fusion energy and takes just 8 minutes to reach Earth – That’s why we call ourselves Fusion8. Solar is the most abundant Zero Carbon energy source available, which is why it’s the cheapest and the fastest growing renewable.

Switching to solar is the single, biggest change you can make to help fight the climate crisis, and with Fusion8, it’s also really simple to plug in too.

We offset and reduce our company CO₂ emissions, as recognised by the Carbon Footprint Standard. We are also engaged in tree planting programmes in local communities across the UK.

Make a positive impact on the environment.

What do our carbon savings look like? We find that by converting them into the equivalent trees sequestered,
helps give an idea of the environmental benefits of going solar with Fusion8.

Carbon savings (CO2e)1

Year 1 1.09 tonnes of CO2

30 year lifetime 30.33 tonnes of CO2

Equivalent trees offset2

Year 1 50 trees

30 year lifetime 1,379 trees

Coal not burnt3

Year 1 547kg of coal

30 year lifetime 15,207kg of coal

How we calculate our carbon savings

Examples based on the 3,585 kWh average UK household solar generation. Lifetime value 100,104kWh, assuming a standard 0.5% degradation.

1Based on an average of 4,680 kWh annual solar generation, this saves up to 1,090 kg of carbon a year (Source: UK Gov, 0.233 kg of CO2e per kWh of electricity).

2A mature tree captures on average about 22 kilograms of CO2 per year (Source: One Tree Planted & European Environment Agency).

3Coal Saved (Source: US Environmental Protection Agency).

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