Reduce your carbon
emissions significantly.

Green-first energy.

We want to combat the climate crisis and provide positive change for our customers. With a new solar energy era empowering a sustainable future, and thanks to our innovative technology, our community of homeowners can directly contribute 100% renewable energy to the grid. And unlike when you trade your solar energy with one of the Big 6, we pass savings directly back to our customers. So you and the planet will both be better off.

Your contribution

A typical Fusion8 customer can make a big difference to the environment.

*Examples based on the 3,585 kWh average UK household solar generation. Lifetime value 100,104kWh, assuming a standard 0.5% degradation.

CO2 removed from the atmosphere

Year 1 2,500kg of CO2

30 year lifetime 70,800kg of CO2

Trees planted and grown for 10 years

Year 1 41.9 trees

30 year lifetime 1,170 trees

Coal prevented from burning

Year 1 1,266kg of coal

30 year lifetime 35,374kg of coal

Make the change today.

Whether you’re new to solar energy, upgrading your existing system or switching from another supplier, enquire now to find out how Fusion8 can help you live greener and more cost efficiently.

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