Creating a sustainable
future through solar power.

Your next generation ‘solar system’.

Solar is the most abundant energy source in the world. To make the most of it you need the technology to capture, store and create power. You also need a means to contribute energy back to the grid which is beneficial to the environment and financially beneficial to you. Fusion8’s unique ‘solar system’ gives you everything you need to live a fully green electric life.

Solar PV panels

Solar has changed. Our innovative technology allows you to take control of your energy to reduce your carbon footprint and protect the environment.

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High capacity
battery storage

Thanks to the latest battery technology, you can store green, renewable energy to power your home. Plus, you can contribute the energy you don’t use back to the grid.

Our Technology

Fusion8 x Social Energy

Our smart technology automatically buys and sells 100% green energy. Get paid market leading prices, reducing your bills by up to 70%.

Our Technology

EV Chargers

Our EV charging points power you to drive sustainably, reducing your Co2 emissions when you’re out and about. Just plug in and you’re ready to go.

Drive Green

Benefits of solar PV.

  • Solar is a renewable energy source, and doesn’t release any harmful carbon emissions, reducing your carbon footprint.
  • Live off-grid, become self-sufficient and reduce your energy bills.
  • Protect yourself against rising energy prices and price hikes from the big utility providers.
  • Fit and forget with a hassle-free installation with minimal lifetime maintenance.
  • Solar panels will help increase your energy efficiency and EPC rating.
  • Add value to your property. Solar is the ultimate sustainable investment.
  • Use battery storage to store surplus solar power for later use.
  • Smart trade the 100% green energy you generate back to the grid with Social Energy.

Take control of your energy today.

Whether you’re new to solar energy, upgrading your existing system or switching from another supplier, enquire now to find out how Fusion8 can help you live greener and more cost efficiently.

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