We are the generation to
combat climate change.


We let you take control of your energy supply, and save you money.

We’re here to make solar transparent, cost effective and straightforward, allowing you to play your part in contributing to a zero carbon future.

Forgive us if we start with a little science. It begins to explain who we are and what we do. So here goes…

The Sun produces light via fusion energy. It takes just eight minutes for this light to reach the Earth from the Sun. Yep that’s right, just 8 minutes. It’s why solar is the most natural and abundant energy source in the world, and why it’s the cheapest.


It’s also really simple to plug in to. Fusion8 can help you make the most of solar energy, so you can live your green electric life to the full. By providing you with a platform to power and store solar energy, we enable your home and car to run sustainably at all times, reducing your household carbon footprint.

Plus, we help you create and contribute 100% green energy power back to the grid, while giving others the power they need to live a net zero electric life.

What’s more, by taking control of your energy, you also future-proof yourself from rising energy prices. It means you and others can live sustainably and protect the planet for future generations.

We are the generation to combat climate change. Join our mission and get ready for a clean electric future.

Live Green

A new energy era, a new approach.

We are committed to a ‘green-first’ approach. We offset and reduce our company CO2 emissions, as recognised by the Carbon Footprint Standard. We are engaged in a tree planting programme in local communities across the UK, and we even run our website on sustainably powered servers.

Plug in to your solar system.

Whether you’re new to solar energy, upgrading your existing system or switching from another supplier, enquire now to find out how Fusion8 can help you live greener and more cost efficiently.

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