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Here are our answers to the most frequently asked questions about all things solar.

What is Fusion8 next generation solar?

It’s a unique way of generating and storing energy in your house, whilst automatically trading your excess energy back to the grid at the highest possible level.. The system is constantly monitored to ensure the best performance possible.

How much does it cost?

Costs for installation vary depending upon the size of your roof as well as your energy usage. Every Fusion8 system is designed and installed to precisely meet your needs. Your personalised quotation and pay back calculations will show you just how quickly you can be repaid for your installation.

How much can I save?

Savings will range from good to great! Due to the many variables that we take into account when preparing your personalised quotation, we can only tell you how much you will save once we have carried out our survey. We will also advise you how to further increase savings through the economic use of your energy on-going.

How many solar panels do I need?

Primarily this will depend upon how big your roof is and your energy usage. We also take into account how much generated electricity can be stored and re-sold back to the grid. Every property and occupier is different, which is why your advice from Fusion8 will be specific to you and your property.

How long does it take to install?

Normally an installation takes less than one day on an average house for say, a 4kW system.

How long to solar panels last?

Our Solar panels are guaranteed to perform at up to 80% efficiency even after 30 years, so you wont have to worry about them. Solar generation has been around since the 1950’s and still going strong.

What warranty will I get?

All of our Solar PV comes with a 30 year performance warranty.

What if I move house?

Your solar panels have a value as a future income to the new home owner, so you are free to negotiate a price for them or to include them in your sale. Unfortunately you wont be able to take them with you – even if you could, it would be cost prohibitive to uninstall them and reinstall them somewhere else. Just come back to us and we’ll give you a special deal for your second system on your new house!

What maintenance do solar panels require?

They really don’t require any maintenance from a technical point of view and they are very tough and built to last. Ideally they benefit from being cleaned every now and then, due to inclement weather and bird droppings. With a Fusion8 installation your system will be automatically monitored remotely and therefore any drop in performance for any reason will be reported and we will immediately resolve any issues.

What is solar battery storage?

Solar storage is a great way to maximise your energy generation and performance, meaning that every kilowatt of electricity that you generate is put to the best and most cost effective way to suit your way of living.

When your panels are generating more electricity than you are using at that time, previously that energy just went to waste. With a Fusion8 storage system any excess generated energy is diverted to your battery and stored, so that you can use it when you need it at night time. The excess energy is also traded back to the grid when needed most, therefore demanding the highest level payments for your contribution.

How long does it take to charge a car?

Car charging normally is dependent upon the type of vehicle, but a ‘typical’ electric vehicle will charge from empty to full in under 8 hours on a standard 7kW charger.

Solar technology is moving fast, is it worth waiting?

Solar has been evolving since the 1950’s, but physics will prove that any future improvements in panel performance will be minimal - and will also come at an enhanced cost. There will never be a better time to buy a fully integrated system from Fusion8 than right now.

Does it increase the value of the house?

We pride ourselves in only fitting solar systems that look as good as they perform and therefore don’t detract from the look of your house.

The solar installation will have a projected income for the next 25 to 30 years, based on national and government monitored statistics – this means that the system has a financial value which could be added to the value of your property.

How does solar benefit the environment?

A typical 3.8kW solar pv system with Fusion8 energy storage should generate around 3200kwh’s of electricity per year (depending where you live) and could save:.

1134 kg’s of coal that would have been burnt
The equivalent of driving 5484 miles in a petrol car (Greenhouse gas equivalent)
Planting 38 trees to achieve the same carbon offset

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